HIPAA is much more than protecting patient records and putting privacy screens on computers. With passage of the HITECH act by the Obama administration in 2009, there are additional rules that all medical and dental practices must comply with. In addition, any company that qualifies as a Business Associate and handles electronic patient health information must also comply with HIPAA. Many practices put together a few initial rules to protect patient health information when HIPAA was first enacted, but have not kept up to date on all of the new rules and requirements. The HITECH Act requires medical and dental practices and business associates to address all the new HIPAA guidelines on a routine basis. With the new rules in place with the HITECH also come with additional fines and penalties for breaking the rules. Rather than send an entire staff to training and spend many hours trying to interpret all the new rules, many practices have elected to have highly trained experts focus on the changes needed for their practice.

Some of the services provided:

- Policies and Procedures

- Create Security plan

- Perform Risk Analysis

- Provide staff training

- Provide routine and annual reporting to meet federal compliance